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Lead, Data Scientist

Job Description:

  • Contribute and build an internal product library that is focused on solving business problems related to prediction & recommendation.
  • Research unfamiliar methodologies, techniques to fine tune existing models in the product suite and, recommend better solutions and/or technologies.
  • Improve features of the analytics product to include newer machine learning algorithms in the likes of product recommendation, real time predictions, fraud detection, offer personalization etc
  • Collaborate with client teams to on-board data, build models and score predictions.
  • Participate in building automations and standalone applications around machine learning algorithms to enable a – One Click- solution to getting predictions and recommendations.
  • Analyze large datasets, perform data wrangling operations, apply statistical treatments to filter and fine tune input data, engineer new features and eventually aid the process of building machine learning models.
  • Run test cases to tune existing models for performance, check criteria and define thresholds for success by scaling the input data to multifold.
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of different machine learning concepts such as Regression, Matrix Factorization, K-fold Validations and different algorithms such as Decision Trees, Random Forrest, K-means clustering.

Job Role: IT & Data analytics
Experience: 8-11yrs
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Bengaluru

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